Gray skies with Silver Linings

For those that have visited our site, we want to extend a big thank you!

Have you all noticed the gray skies lately, whispy clouds that seem to have no form and no sunshine beaming through? This is a time to keep in mind that those gray skies have silver linings, as does every opportunity and element in our day to day lives. We seek the skies, looking for blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and bright sunshine. When we don’t see them, we wonder where the sun has gone, why the sky is gray, and where the fluff has gone from the clouds. It’s there although we cannot see it! I have a friend who is a pilot, who flies above the clouds, and has days filled with sunshine, so I know for sure it is out there! If we step above, imagine our view from a different elevation and vantage point, the blue skies and fluffy clouds and beautiful sunshine are there. That’s a nice thought, isn’t it? above the clouds

With positive energy and no doubt, blue skies and fluffy clouds and warming sunshine soon to arrive (we have to believe it and will it to be warm), we imagine just how soon summer will be upon us. How the Spring flowers will be bask in the sun, how families will gather, and how events like those we will soon be hosting will be an ideal gathering spot. Gray skies will have been forgotten, vendors will gather, tents will be raised, and hearts young and old will gather to celebrate local craftsmen and artisans, crafts and food alike, and voices will chime like bells announcing the summer season! We are so pleased and so excited to begin that journey, and look forward to meeting up with those of you who will attend.

Please continue to follow our posts for more information. Visit our schedule of events and reach out to us with any and all questions. We look forward to seeing you soon and hearing back from you. As always, to our vendors and artisans, Get Your Craft On! We will see you soon!


And the Journey Begins…

Take a piece of wood.  Cover with fabric.  Add hooks.  Use for jewelry or keys.After much anticipation of getting online and actively pursuing so many elements of social media, the blog is finally just beginning to come together. I’ve visited so many sites including Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and am working on many others. The goal of this site will be, in the long run, to post articles and pictures about and from our craft fairs throughout New England. The goal will be to share our selected vendors, their information and talents and websites, creating an online network for New England Craft Vendors to converse and share show locations, share the positive (and negative if we have to) about shows attended, and to create a little online home. I’m not trying to recreate the wheel but will welcome hearing from our vendors, maybe folks that attend our shows, and to promote the fairs.

Our role, aside from being a social medium, involves having a new opportunity to share so much more about our company, who we are, what we do, answer questions, and share as many opportunities for our vendors as possible.

We ask that as you read, if you know someone who might be interested that you make a recommendation for that person to visit our site. IF you are a vendor, please let us know. If you are a crafter maybe testing the water for your product, ask us about being involved in one of our shows. If you are a vendor, reach out to us for availability at upcoming shows. If you just enjoy craft fairs, festivals, art shows, etc…keep an eye on our calendar and as new shows are added, we will reach out online and keep readers updated.

Pictures will begin flowing in as events are happening. Stay tuned, thank you for reading, and thank you for stopping by New England Craft Fairs!

Show season is just around the corner…Get your Craft On!! See you there!

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Lois Taylor/ Owner

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